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Digital marketing is both a science and an art, and our agency excels at both. Our digital marketing team will help to carefully craft your project’s message and KPIs, add the necessary tracking code to measure the initiative, and then methodically optimize each advertising campaign to meet the project’s goals. Our graphic designers work mutually with the digital marketing team and are unparalleled at creating beautiful advertisements that engage the recipient.


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Timeline for Digital Marketing Projects

Initial Consultation
Initial Consultation

Talk with Our Strategists

After purchasing a digital marketing package, we begin with a brief consultation where we either video chat, teleconference, or email  (depending on your preference) and determine the specific project requirements, KPIs, targeted audiences, and how to best integrate with your current digital offerings and other marketing efforts. 

Within 1-2 Weeks
Within 1-2 Weeks

Integrate Analytics and Tracking

We take the strategy we've created with your help and we start to implement it by adding the underlying custom analytics and tracking code to your website, app, or other digital offering. It is paramount to build a solid foundation of tracking and then test it to ensure that we can measure customer interactions and in turn effectiveness of the marketing campaign. 

Within 2-3 Weeks
Within 2-3 Weeks

Build Advertising Campaign

Concurrently with integrating the tracking code, we are building the first iteration of advertisements to be served to potential customers. In our initial consultation, we discuss your options for modality of advertisement, focused messaging, and aesthetic preferences to guide our graphic designers. 

Going Forward
Going Forward

We'll keep you updated with reports about how the advertising campaigns are doing, and suggestions on what can be improved. We welcome your input and are always listening to what works, or doesn't work, for your organization. To run a successful advertising campaign we'll be periodically making changes to the advertisements and targeting to optimize our efforts. 

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