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We can help your business become more profitable. We are experts at increasing digital sales and online engagement while also building custom business tools to help you reduce the time and resources required to operate your business. Find out how we can help your organization operate more efficiently and more profitably. 


We build unique, custom tools to give your business the edge

Every business needs a website, whether it is just a simple informational few pages, or a symbiotic asset that is central to the business’ functionality and can drive revenue growth. If you’d like to know more about how to make your website work for you, contact us.

We make sure to list every business in the Google and Bing search engines, and utilize webmaster tools to ensure we directly control its’ appearance and optimize its’ search presence. Additionally, we use keyword tools including WordTracker, and other SEO tools to help boost page rank. 

Driving customers to your website and then having them convert and make purchases or book your services is always a great way to earn revenue directly through your website. We’re experts at integrating the necessary tracking code to measure and analyze how users interact with your business online. We can also help you reconcile this information with your offline marketing data to help you get a complete picture of your customer’s interactions. 

Are you looking to automate redundant tasks and leverage new digital tools to lessen your work load while making more money through new efficiencies. We can make that happen. 

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Frequently asked questions

You can always keep the website you have, but because Google and other platforms we leverage have very strict security and development standards we prefer to integrate with a website that we know will work seamlessly with these and other services. Many of the freemium website builders like Wix, Shopify, Squarespace, etc. greatly limit the custom coding and ability to integrate other services because they want you to pay to use their services.

If you wish to keep your current website, instead of having us build an updated version of your website, please contact us beforehand so we can discuss any integration issues. You might also want to look at our stand alone digital marketing packages.

It depends on the goal of the campaign, but generally we are looking for goal specific metrics to measure whether our desired actions and outcomes are happening or not. We utilize Google’s Data Studio to produce the reports and we offer a brief breakdown of the reports to help our clients better understand what they’re looking at. 

Depending on what social media platforms you use, we are typically referring to embedding your social posts, feeds, tweets, videos, into your website. We also build a publishing and sharing suite, where you can easily post to all your accounts and website from one simple page which greatly reduces the time and resources needed to stay relevant and engage your base. 

No problem. Depending on the accounting software your organization uses, we might be able to integrate with them, you’ll have to contact us and find out. As for why we chose Quickbooks, it’s the industry standard for small businesses accounting software and we can help you set up an account if you’d like. 

Yes. You can contact us and we’ll work with you to build a package that addresses all of your organization’s specific needs. 

Not entirely. For marketing emails, anything that is an automated response we will create for you, but if you’d like to send out emails to a custom audience (like with a promotion, or event), we’ll need to consult with you on the details.  As for newsletters, we’ll handle the structure, thematics, and aesthetics of any newsletter, but we’ll be needing the content to come from you and your organization. If you need help with content creation, we can definitely assist you in creating articles & videos, but that is an added service with custom pricing. 

We really hate losing clients, but understand that it’s your choice to make. As long as you don’t have an unpaid balance, we’ll transfer control of your website and domain over to you and will continue to host it for 30 days after cancellation. If you need help migrating the website to a new hosting provider, we offer an affordable service to help, otherwise you must move it yourself before the 30 days is up. 

If you have any other questions that weren’t answered here please feel free to contact us. Thank you.

Our clients say

"I'm extremely pleased with the increased sales and ROI our company has seen by using Redshift Web the past 5 years. They have helped our business grow and are always courteous and responsive."
Adam Elchlepp
Senior Manager
"I have used Redshift Web and Aaron Packard for the last four years. Before I started using Redshift Web I had an ugly website and I could not get good service from my provider. Aaron came in and redesigned my website and made it look very professional. Aaron goes out of his way to give great customer service. I highly recommend Aaron and his team at Redshift Web."
James Schuster
Owner, Principal

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If you need help with something that wasn’t covered above, please feel free to contact us and get the process started. We’ll do our best to answer your questions and resolve any ambivalence. If none of the business packages above fit your needs entirely, please let us know how we can help and we’ll get back to you.   

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