We know nonprofits. Donations, Volunteers, Community Engagement

We specialize in helping nonprofit organizations succeed by utilizing cost effective solutions. By operating your organization more efficiently you can reduce wasteful overhead spending, allowing more of your budget to be spent directly on your mission. 


We build unique, custom digital tools to empower your organization

The Google for Nonprofits program offers a plethora of great digital tools to help nonprofits operate efficiently. We help all of our eligible nonprofit clients enroll in this program, integrate the services into their organization, and educate them on how to fully leverage the tools. 

Most nonprofit organizations utilize donations to either fund their missions or supplement their budgets. We can help your organization leverage the power of the Internet to engage your donor base and further financially support your mission.  

If your organization needs volunteers to carry out your mission, we can help you with the three of the most difficult aspects of volunteering: volunteer acquisition, management, and retention. Find the right people, match them with the appropriate tasks, and keep them coming back to help. 

We can empower your organization with automated publishing tools that reduce the resources required to stay relevant online and engage your base regardless of the platform. 

Our clients say

"I am amazed at the creativity of Redshift Web that can take a concept of an idea and create a site that tells a story, delivers materials, and opens the door for new users to have a positive experience on our site. Great Job!"
Nick Repak
Executive Director

Frequently asked questions

You can always keep the website you have, but because Google and other platforms we leverage have very strict security and development standards we prefer to integrate with a website that we know will work seamlessly with these and other services. Many of the freemium website builders like Wix, Shopify, Squarespace, etc. greatly limit the custom coding and ability to integrate other services because they want you to pay to use their services.

If you wish to keep your current website, instead of having us build an updated version of your website, please contact us beforehand so we can discuss any integration issues. You might also want to look at our stand alone digital marketing packages.

Great! You’re already one step ahead of many organizations.

It depends on the goal of the campaign, but generally we are looking for goal specific metrics to measure whether our desired actions and outcomes are happening or not. We utilize Google’s Data Studio to produce the reports and we offer a brief breakdown of the reports to help our clients better understand what they’re looking at. 

Depending on what social media platforms you use, we are typically referring to embedding your social posts, feeds, tweets, videos, into your website. We also build a publishing and sharing suite, where you can easily post to all your accounts and website from one simple page which greatly reduces the time and resources needed to stay relevant and engage your base. 

Yes. If one of the packages above doesn’t fit your needs, you can contact us and we’ll work with you to build a package that addresses all of your organization’s specific needs. 

Not entirely. We’ll handle the structure, thematics, and aesthetics of the newsletter, but we’ll be needing the content to come from you and your organization. If you need help with content creation, we can definitely assist you in creating articles & videos, but that is not included in the packages. 

We really hate losing clients, but understand that it’s your choice to make. As long as you don’t have an unpaid balance, we’ll transfer control of your website and domain over to you and will continue to host it for 30 days after cancellation. If you need help migrating the website to a new hosting provider, we offer an affordable service to help, otherwise you must move it yourself before the 30 days is up. 

If you have any other questions that weren’t answered here please feel free to contact us. Thank you.

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