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Pianos are more than a piece of furniture. They are a delicate instrument. Moving them should only be done by an experienced and insured piano mover, not just any furniture mover. Most people aren't aware that, by law, standard furniture movers only insure their load for 50ยข per pound. That means that if you have a $20,000 grand piano and the movers drop it, you are going to get a check for around $400.

All of our movers and trucks are fitted with an array of custom moving equipment for both upright and grand pianos. Unlike many other movers, all of the pianos we move are fully padded from top to bottom to ensure safe delivery to your home.

All our equipment is made with with impact absorbing, thermoplastic, non-marking wheels to ensure safe weight distribution over delicate floors.

Because our equipment is manufactured to our specifications, we are able to independently strap every piano to the proper moving equipment instead of relying only on the strength of our moving team to keep it in place. This also ensures that the weight does not shift during loading and unloading.

Our insurance is specially written to cover moving pianos. This means that your piano is insured at full market value and both physical locations we are moving in and out of are also insured against damages.

Our enclosed truck has been customized specifically for pianos with custom padded rails and strap ties at the correct height for each type of piano.

Whether you are moving a baby grand, full grand, or upright piano, Prestige Piano can be of service. We service the entire Dallas/Forth Worth metroplex and, through our network, the entire United States.

Our 45 years of experience moving pianos, along with the best moving equipment in the business, enables us to provide the best rated piano moving in Texas!

Give us a call or try using our easy moving tool for an instant moving quote!