Energy Performance Solutions provides corrosion and energy efficiency solutions for all types of commercial HVAC equipment. We provide services for commercial, industrial, manufacturing facilities, retail centers, hospitals, schools, government and military installations. We have many years of solving energy, reliability, sustainability and life cycle issues for our customers.
Energy Performance Solutions has developed a patent-pending, HVAC coil coating to help customers with HVAC package equipment that reduce their monthly energy cooling costs.
Our field and independent third party testing has shown that our EPS coatings reduce cooling costs by 15 to 20%, with ROI’s typically 18 months or less.
Coil Coating
First, we coat the condenser coil with a glass-like coating to achieve the most efficient heat transfer and protect the surface area.
Our corrosion-proof coil coating forms a “covalent” bond with the aluminum fin shoulder and copper tubing, re-connecting the critical tube-to-fin connection that enables maximum heat exchange. We routinely return the unit to 95% of original factory efficiency specifications.
There is no other coil coating on the market that will accomplish that. It will permanently prevent bacteria, mold and mildew and completely prevent corrosion, thereby extending the useful life of the unit by several years. It is a one-time application that will not chip or peel and will last the entire life of your unit.
Exterior Cabinet Coating
Second, we coat the exterior cabinet of the unit with a ceramic radiant heat barrier, blocking 95% of the sun’s thermal load and thereby reducing external load and unit run-time and extending the life of the unit by many years.
  • Increase efficiency
  • Prevent corrosion
  • Reduce load
  • Reduce run-time
  • Increase useful life of units
  • Reduce peak demand
  • Reduce high temp failures
  • Reduce maintenance cost
  • Reduce Carbon foot print
We invite you to review our demonstration videos and learn more about our unique process.
Corrosion Test
Ceramic Test
Test Results Upon Request
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